Ryebuck Media is an international award-winning company that specialises in the development of education and public awareness programs. As educators, writers, filmmakers, designers and publishers we create the link between innovation and education. 




Fusing state of the art technology with education - Our process is highly tailored and includes interactive online multimedia, virtual reality, digital classrooms, global youth challenges/forums, advanced teacher training and global school link programs.

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Our philosophy is that schools are the engines of change. We develop unique projects that engage, inspire and nurture students to both act now and become the leaders of tomorrow.

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Always at the forefront, we develop unique interactive resources using best practice state of the art technology.

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We create projects that tackle world issues, often linking classrooms around the world. Students then share their local knowledge, resources and opinions in a unique and interactive digital classroom format. We have launched programs in Korea, the Middle East, France, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

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Ryebuck Media has won some 22 national and international awards for educational excellence. In 2015 our founding director, Mr Tim Gurry, was awarded an Order of Australia for his contribution to education and community.


Australia’s Defining Moments Virtual Museum

Australia’s Defining Moments Virtual Museum allow users to explore the Landmarks Gallery of the National Museum of Australian, play unique learning games, investigate objects in 3D, view videos, explore local communities and add their own defining moments to a timeline of Australian history defining moments.

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Can you strike it rich during the Gold Rush?

This decision-maker will help you understand some of the experiences faced by hundreds of thousands of people during the Australian gold rush period in the second half of the nineteenth century (1850–1900).

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ANZAC Centenary School Link Program

The ANZAC Centenary School Link Program (CSLP) is a pilot program designed to provide strategies and support to assist selected secondary schools in France and Belgium to work with an equivalent number of schools in Australia to commemorate the Centenary in a variety of exciting and meaningful ways, and to share these experiences via social media.

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Australian History Mysteries Quiz

The Game is designed as a fun way to engage students in Australian history. Whilst there is an element of competition its main purpose is to introduce students to some famous people and key events that have shaped our country’s history. It can be used at all age levels and teachers may decide to use it as an introductory or an assessment/reflection activity.

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Rob Coughlan,
History Teacher

‘I have been using Australian History Mysteries as part of my Year 3-6 History curriculum for the past year. What has stood out for me is the engagement my students display during our sessions. As a teacher and historian I find the format of these units of work allow students to make historical links through inquiry and research, which makes for an exciting History lesson. My students learn that History is not simply facts, but relationships, causes and consequences.’

Dave Arnold 
Project Manager, National Museum of Australia

'Thank you for the wonderful work of Ryebuck Media on the National Museum of Australia's recently launched education outreach website, Australia's Defining Moments Digital Classroom. Your fantastic digital suites of family and community history games, including the defining moments quiz, coupled with the virtual tour of the museum's landmarks gallery, are some of the most significant teaching and learning content on the site and provide teachers and their students with a tremendous variety of inquiry learning activities on a wide range of Australian curriculum relevant themes and topics. 
It is already regarded as the museum's most significant education outreach project since it opened to the public in march 2001.'

Victoria Rose,
Edenhope College

‘I love this resource. It is possibly the best that I have seen in some time. In addition I would like to add that it will inspire students with outstanding graphics and videos. I love the element of mystery which is so engaging. Students love solving mysteries and if it feels like a game it is so much better. The resource allows for all levels of ability and provides a refreshing insight into the History Curriculum.'


Australian History Mysteries and the soon to be launched Global History Mysteries are our award winning subscription-based websites. The sites are designed to stimulate students’ interest in and engagement with aspects of their history, landscape and heritage and develop the skills needed in pursuing historical studies and investigative learning. Each History Mystery has been designed to remove the labour of prep work for teachers, offering a fast and highly effective interactive learning experience for teachers and students.

The sites feature myriad online inquiry learning case studies that bring history alive and engage students in innovative and interactive ways to achieve respective learning levels.

'I have been using Australian History Mysteries for the past 4 years. It saves me so much time in lesson preparation and delivers a unique and engaging experience for my students every time!'

Australian History Mysteries

The AHM site currently features 24 case studies/mysteries relevant to Australian Curriculum: HASS/History with its emphasis on inquiry learning and historical skills development.

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Global History Mysteries

This is a new addition to our bag. Here students will investigate the historical myteries from around the world dating back some 60 000 years ago to present day.

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New History Mystery coming soon! What can we learn from plagues in history?

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